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Bespoke insurance for social media influencers_

From as little as £120 a year for up to £100,000 towards legal costs


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The benefits of Assured Social’s specialist insurance for influencers are clear. You could:

  • Win more contracts: reassure brands you’re serious about risk
  • Protect your finances against legal costs
  • Protect your reputation: PR costs if something goes wrong

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Annual Price: £120

Cover: £100k

Build your social media empire safe in the knowledge you’re protected. Our Trendsetter package is perfect for influencers developing their brand.


Annual Price: £240

Cover: £250k

Your influence is growing and so is your risk. Our Celebrity package is for influencers with increasing activity and engagement.


Annual Price: £360

Cover: £500k

You’re part of the pop culture landscape now. Our Icon package gives you the largest amount of protection to handle almost any legal situation subject to the policy terms and conditions.